How will I get the confirmation of my bookings?

You will get the confirmation of your bookings once you enter your credit card details. After which you will receive a confirmation email regarding your booking and other details. You will get your order number to ease your identification. All your flights related details from booking, pricing, order number etc will be mentioned in the email.

How can I cancel a booked flight?

You can cancel your booking via emailing it on info@makkahtour.co.uk or dialling our number 0203-195-8700. Furthermore, your bookings will be cancelled automatically in case if the payment is not received within 72 hours.

When and how can I receive my ticket?

You can get your ticket via courier or those living in UK will get it via registered email. In order to get these services a signatory must be present otherwise the ticket will have to be collected from a certain location. Tickets can be received within 7 days of issuance however in case of urgency it is reduced down to 24 hours.

What is baggage allowance?

For this purpose, you need to consult your airline company that which type of bag and how much weight age of hand baggage do they allow.

What is the difference between a direct flight, indirect flight and a non-stop flight?

A direct flight is the one which stops on different airports for refuelling but it does not allow passengers to get off the plane. However, indirect flight is the one in which passengers can go off the plane, travel along the city and can come back again within the stay time. Non-stop flight on the other hand, does not stop anywhere and flies straight to the destination.

Can I reserve at last minute?

Last minute reservations although not appreciating but are acceptable and are costly. It is therefore advised to go for early reservations.