Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and it’s also one of the most important religious practices in Islam. Muslims are advised to undertake the Hajj activities not only physically but also spiritually. Muslims should understand and learn from the lessons of the past historical events and sacrifices in Islam.During the Hajj, Muslims dress themselves by wearing garment which is known as Ihraam. The importance of Ihram brings the sense of full separation from the worldly things and thinking, it also creates spirituality to your life.

The hajj gives people a sense of brotherhood and humbleness, each and every person becomes equal during the Hajj. Self control is a point that is observed highly while performing the hajj, hajj controls a person from committing sins. Hajj is the experience of life time that every Muslim dreams of.

Hajj is the significant Ibadat in Islam. It is obligatory for every Muslim either male or female to perform Hajjonce in a life if a person is able to afford it and is able physically to travel to the sacred place; Hajj is a special Ibadat in Islam. Thousands of people from all around the world come to Mecca having different races, colour, belonging to different languages and different countries. They all come for performing Hajj and follow the rituals of hajj in the same manner to exhibit that Islam doesn’t believe on discrimination between human beings on the basis of race, creed, wealth, language and region.

All the people wear the unstitched clothes, come together or gathered at one place, and follow the same rituals and show discipline and unity; Hajj brings people from different cultures together, it increases understanding of different cultures and it unites people through mutual respect and harmony.

Hajj is a once in a life time obligation upon all Muslims, It is necessary part of every Muslim faith we should practice it as it is the fifth pillar of Islam. Hajj gives us the opportunity of spiritual rebirth that makes us closer to the ALLAH. Every year millions of Muslim from different nations unites together for performing hajj and to worship ALLAH. Hajj plays vital role in strengthening our faith that springs from our perseverance, determination, patience and control of acts.

Ihram, which every Muslim wear during the hajj, a unique white garments that symbolizes the human equality and unity in front of ALLAH. The importance of hajj is that everyone feels free from the barriers of discrimination. The collective form of worship while performing Hajj offers us a sense of belonging, a person feels that he or she is part of the Ummah of Prophet (PBUH).

When a person supplicates during Hajj, he or she seeks forgiveness for the previous sins. Hence, hajj develops a sense of spiritual rebirth and strengthens our faith and loyalty to the ALLAH.

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