First mistake: Related to station of ihraam

Some of the pilgrims pass through the designated Station of ihraam on their route without being in state of Ihraam or entering in ihraam there, this is utterly against the commands of Messenger of ALLAH, our beloved Prophet (PBUH) which stipulates that every pilgrim should enter into ihraam at the Station or place of ihram which lies on his or her route.

If it happens to anyone, then he or she must either go back to the Station of Ihraam and there enters into state of ihram, this rule is applied to all pilgrims.

 Second Mistake: Related to circumambulation or Tawaaf:

  1. Starting the circumambulation or tawaaf from any other point rather than starting from Hajr-e-Aswad (the Black Stone), it is obligatory to begin tawaaf from the Hajr-e-Aswad.
  1. Doing ramal (ramal is taking quick steps) during all the seven rounds while ramal is only to be done during the first three rounds of Tawaaf.
  2. Struggling passionately and violently to kiss the Hajr-e-Aswad (Black Stone) by pushing or hitting other people. Such acts, which injured other Muslims, are completely not permissible in Islam.
  3. Wiping one’s hand over the Hajr-e-Aswad, for seeking “blessings” (barkat) thereby it’s an innovation (bidat) in Islam with no basis in the Shariah. The Sunnah is to kiss it only if it is possible easily.
  4. Touching all the four corners of Kaabah or its walls, and wiping hands against them.
  5. Raising voice above the voices of others: whether in leading or following the tawaaf as it can cause confusion among the other worshippers.
  6. Struggling to perform namaz at the Station of Ibraheem by injured other worshippers. It is sufficient to perform the two rakaats nafil namaz of tawaf.

 Third Mistake: Related to Saee:

  1. When climbing on mountain of Safaa and Marwah, some of the pilgrims face the Kaabah and gesticulate towards it with their hands during saying “ALLAHU AKBAR” as we do takbir for namaz. This act of gesticulating is a mistake because the Prophet (PBUH) raised him palms only for supplication (dua). Here you may magnify and glorify ALLAH the Most High, supplicating ALLAH in any words you wish while facing the direction towards the Kaabah.
  2. Accelerating pace throughout the distance between the two hills of safa and marwah. The Sunnah is to accelerate only one’s pace between two green posts, while walking in normal pace the remainder way.

 Fourth mistake: Related to the visit of the sacred places:

  1. Wiping and Touching one’s hands on the iron grilles and walls, tying threads on gratings, and other acts of this kind while visiting the Prophet mosque in order to receive blessings are an innovation in Islam.
  2. Visiting caves of Mount Uhud and the caves of Thaur and Hira near Mecca and hanging pieces of cloth or thread making supplications have not been prescribed by ALLAH. All these are unnecessary ways of worship and innovations (bidat) in the Islam.
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